Project Engineer Certificate Course (24 Hours) Training

What title does your company assign to those within your organization responsible for assisting the project team with all the processes and paper flow?  Are they “Project Engineers?”  “Field Engineers?”  “Project Process Engineers?”  ”Project Coordinators?”  “Project Assistants?” . . .

Regardless of the title, the position and those holding it are vital to project success. They represent the driving force behind project documentation and many logistics associated with project success.  “The Effective Project Engineer” 24-hour certificate course will equip your personnel with a knowledge base and work examples of that knowledge being applied to essential industry-standard processes and practices.

Session 1 – What is a Project Engineer

Take a practical look at the role of Project Engineers, core responsibilities, and their role in successful project outcomes.

Session 2 –  Early Project Requirements

Plans – Specs – Submittals. Learn the systematic approach to early issue identification through proper review of the project documents.

Session 3 – Scope & Contracts

Focus on a discussion surrounding the process of developing the scope of work as it relates to both the project as a whole and individual trades and subcontractors.

Session 4  – Project Communication and Documentation

Join in hands-on learning exercises focused on writing, sending, receiving, understanding, and responding to normal communication mediums and protocol on typical construction projects.

Session 5 – Buy-Out & Change Order Management

Participate in a roundtable discussion and overview of subcontracting, purchase orders, and change management processes.

Session 6 – Cost Tracking and Earned Value Management

Learn about the project budget process, including industry-standard practices for tracking job costs at both the GC and Subcontractor levels.

Session 7 – Progress Billings, Releases & Insurance

Master the practices of processing pay applications and the invoice cycle will be demonstrated, including a discussion of lien releases and insurance certification requirements.

Session 8 – Habits of a Complete Project Engineer

Practice what the best Project Engineers know and do. This session takes a practical look at intangible traits, characteristics, and habits that can be learned and practiced to facilitate project success with hands-on exercises.