Membership benefits that will help you grow your business

Becoming a member of the Central California Builders Exchange means our strengths become your strengths. Here is a list of the benefits of membership.


The plan room offers real time access to project information including plans, specs and addenda. Our project room staff understands the needs of California’s construction industry.  We work directly with project owners and design professionals to provide accurate information for all project stakeholders.


The Golden State Plan Service (GSPS) is a partnership of all California Builders Exchanges committed to providing comprehensive and streamlined plan room services and other specific industry benefits to our collective members within our state’s increasingly complex and demanding business/regulatory climate.


We believe that education is the key to success. Safety knowledge and compliance is extremely critical in the construction industry. CCBE offers many opportunities to learn with seminars on topics such as Lien Law, Human Resources, and OSHA Compliance to name a few.


With our weekly and daily newsletters, members stay up to date on legal issues, bidding opportunities and awards as well events and other important industry information.


  • Advertising & marketing opportunities
  • Group insurance programs
  • Networking Events
  • Scholarships for members, employees of members and member’s families
  • Printing Services
  • Free Labor Law posters
  • Free notary services
  • …and so much more!

Membership Levels

ANNUAL Membership:

Enjoy the full benefits of all that the exchange and Online Plan Service has to offer.

NEWS ONLY Membership:

Enjoy all that the Exchange and Online Plan Service has to offer, such as project details, bidders lists, project awards, but without access to plans or specs.

ASSOCIATE Membership:

For members who do not need to view project information. No plan room access.

$970.00 a year

$750.00 a year

$395.00 a year

No Hidden Fees

Membership Application