Construction Project Start-Up and Early Requirements Seminar

Course Learning Objectives

Project start-up is one of the most challenging aspects of the project life cycle for many construction firms. The amount of money, time, and advantage that can be lost during pre-construction and mobilization activities can be astounding. Often there is little hope for recovery. While there are many things beyond our control during this critical process, there are many more that should be within the control of our project team. This short webinar addresses the processes, the systems, the people, and the strategies that are at the heart of successful project start-ups.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Understanding project requirements
  • Aligning your company‚Äôs systems to project requirements
  • Early phase checklists
  • Integration, cooperation, collaboration, communication strategies

Learning Objectives / Outcomes

Upon completion participants will:

  • Know how to recognize bottlenecks
  • Know how to create project-specific start-up checklists
  • Know who and how to engage in early project strategy development
  • Have more confidence to collaborate through the process