Blueprint Reading I & II

Everyone in the construction industry feels more accomplished when they can read and understand construction drawings.  This quick-start approach exposes participants to the fundamental nomenclature of construction drawings and specifications and works systematically through the various disciplines.

Course Components

1 – General Overview

  • What do the lines and abbreviations mean and how are they used?
  • Similarities and differences between various discipline drawings.
  • How plans and specifications work together.
  • Explore the “road signs” and get comfortable navigating a set of plans.

2-  Civil

3- Architectural and Structural

4- Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical

Learning Objectives / Outcomes

Upon completion participants will:

  • know how to navigate commercial plans and specifications
  • be able to follow the ‘roadmaps’ to find the required information
  • know how to read various plan and detail notes
  • understand the various views
  • understand what material schedules are and how to use them
  • perform basic plan takeoff activities
  • know the basic relationship between plans and specs